Artist Spotlight: Adam Hurst

Hello there my intrepid music lovers!

On a recent trip to New York I met a talented cellist in the PDX airport. I introduced myself to him and inquired of his music. I even bought a CD. Mr. Hurst showed me the most courteous and informed introduction to his music.

Hurst loves dark sounds and jovial Mediterranean influences. In his CD ‘Ame Oubliee’ Hurst makes me feel his sadness and all the warmth of the French, Italian and Spanish Rivieras. What a number to dance to!

If you love the cello (I DO!!) and you love a flair for Mediterranean influence, mirth and melancholy Adam Hurst is a good choice. He’ll transport you to an intimate setting regardless of it being sweet or bittersweet. Enjoy the ride!



Desolation by Adam Hurst

Last.FM-Adam Hurst Samples

World Cello-Adam Hurst Website


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