Why you should Visit Singapore

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Have you ever traveled to a big place that housed such large racial, linguistic and cultural diversity you wondered how that place identified itself? Let alone held itself together? Well, let me show you a living successful example of that concept in action: Singapore.

Singapore downtown

Singapore means ‘lion city’ in Malaysian (they’ve never had lions!). This tiny country located in Southeast Asia surrounded by Malaysia to its North and East, and Indonesia and Brunei to its South and East respectively. The Johor and Singapore Straits flank the main island (which the country includes 62 more islands). In addition, the main island, Pulau Ujong, connects to Asia through the Johor-Singapore Causeway and the Tuas Second Link.

an artistic singapore
Singapore’s artsy side

Singapore had been under the Malaysian sphere of influence for centuries until the British under Sir Stamford Raffles took the island as a colony in 1819. The new colony survived  on its own as a port city before being absorbed by British India. In the mid 1800s Chinese immigrants poured into the new colony and outnumbered the indigenous Malays.

a pic of singapore chinatown
A beautiful day in Singapore’s Chinatown

During World War II the Japanese invaded the island. Thousands of Han Chinese were killed by the invading Japanese in the Sook Ching Massacre. Following the Japanese surrender and the end of British rule Singapore merged with Malaysia in 1962. However, disputes between the leaders of the two governments led to internal strife. Singapore separated from Malaysia in 1965 and became its own self-governing nation.

a view of singapore
Singapore Skyline

But, enough of the history. I’m sure you all want to hear what Singapore is like today not just what it was.

Singapore is a highly affluent country that lies within Britain’s Commonwealth of Nations. The official language is English along with Malay, Mandarin and Tamil. The official languages also reflect the dominant cultures of the isles: Chinese, Malay, Indian with heavy traces of British culture.

a jungle in singapore
Singaporean getaway

There are many places of interest including: The Esplanade, The National Museum of Singapore, The Peranakan Museum, The Arts House, Singapore Zoo, Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay, Waterfront Promenade, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and MacRitchie Nature Trail.

a zoo in singapore
Asian Elephants at the Singapore Zoo

Whether you’re snorkeling along the coast in beautiful blue waters or biking down the many bike paths adorned with greenery or enjoying the bustling night life Singapore has a little bit for everyone. What are you waiting for? Check out this scenic culturally diverse, warm country today!

a bike trail in singapore
Singapore bike trail

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17643540 - malay with traditional dress during hari raya
A traditional Malay family in Singapore




singapore hindu temple
Singapore Hindu Temple




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