5 thoughts on “Undervalued: Gratitude Attitude

  1. roijoyeux says:

    These are words of wisdom, Sewunu is absolutely right, I’m glad he inspired you to change your attitude and now you have inspired me. Because I have a tendency to focus only on the negative events or people, but now I realize I should focus on all the positive feedback I get and on the numerous people who appreciate my hard work, not pay attention to some moody co workers and just be grateful for the job and I know I can still move on and improve whenever I want to. Thank you !!

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    1. SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ says:

      I agree with roijoyeux’s thoughtful comment here! What a well-reasoned and inspiring post you have written about the adversity of your life, intrepid8!

      Just as I have done a global survey and wholesale tour of roijoyeux’s blog, I have now come over to partake in intrepid8’s world to become one of his “faithful intrepid venturers”!

      Indeed, we can learn a lot through our successes and failures, and our elations and frustrations, especially when life is full of twists and turns.

      I would like to add to the voices and insights of roijoyeux and intrepid8 with those of mine, carefully written and expansively presented in a very special, multidisciplinary post published at https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2013/03/18/soundeagle-in-best-moment-award-from-moment-matters/

      You are very welcome to leave your feedback and thoughts at the comment section of the said post. Hopefully, this post of mine can also help you to put even more things in your life into perspective, and to face the existential aspects of your daily living with greater clarity and wisdom. 🙂

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