‘Boardwalk Fries Burgers Shakes’

Boardwalk’s signature blue-and-white theme


Hello intrepid travelers.

Today we take a trip to the fabulous Boardwalk restaurant in Portland, OR.

Boardwalk is a small and cozy burger joint with splendid choices. You get ketchup, tabasco, grey poupon, malt vinegar and sriracha as possible condiments at the table. Burgers are thick and juicy, and you get your choice of a single or double patty per flavor. Furthermore, their fries are crisp and consistent; cooked in peanut oil and at a modest serving size you won’t be disappointed!

If you like a homey atmosphere you’ll love Boardwalk. Their theme is that of the beach. The walls are covered with posters of beaches all around and you’ll usually hear a catchy tune from the ’50s playing overhead. Lending to the atmosphere is the staff, which are friendly and patient.

In my experience eating here I have thoroughly enjoyed their food and the variety of their menu (choice of dipping sauce, single or double patty). While the Portland location could be a little faster on their orders it’s made up for by the friendliness of staff and the quality of the food. I love their fries!

So, if you’re ever in the Portland area (or there is one near you) be sure to check out Boardwalk! You’ll enjoy the food and atmosphere.





Boardwalk official website

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