Anal Sex: is it safe?


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In watching YouTube personalities debate series of relevant issues I decided to throw in my two cents. Today’s topic is anal sex: is it safe?

In order to be fair I will first mention my own stance on the topic: I have never had anal sex nor would I want to. Nonetheless, after hearing a friend talk about associated risk from anal sex I decided to do a little research.

According to the Medical Institute for Sexual Health anal penetration is ‘very damaging to your health and quite possibly life-threatening.’ The author claims it is harmful because it can weaken muscles in the anus (sphincter) causing it hard to hold feces, additionally with the anus being full of bacteria it is prone to spreading infections from penetration. An article from the ‘The Doctors’ concurs with these finds and labels it ‘unsafe sex.’

This first conclusion should not come as a surprise considering that everyone washes their hands after using the bathroom because of all the germs contained in feces. It goes without saying then that any sexual activity involving penetration of the anus will introduce the hordes of bacteria there to other surfaces. On the topic of weakening muscles: it stands to reason that penetration of the anus seems dangerous because of the sphincter muscle there that pushes out waste. That muscle is designed to push outwards not be pushed in.

Additionally, Web MD quotes ‘anal intercourse is the riskiest form of sexual activity.’ The author goes on to explain that the anus lacks the natural protective lubrication that the vagina has. This lubrication prevents tears and damage to the wall of the vagina. The anus, lacking this protection is more susceptible to damage and tears from all the pressure of coitus.

However, Dr. Laura Berman Ph.D. claims that anal sex is ok. She does, nonetheless caution that ‘it is unsafe to follow anal sex with vaginal intercourse because of the risk of introducing bacteria.’ Ergo, she admonishes that the sexual partner ‘gets a thorough cleaning before moving on.’ She also says that sexual participants can wear condoms and lubricate the anus before intercourse to prevent the aforementioned damage.

In conclusion anal sex is not safe. It carries great risk and can spread sexually transmitted diseases more easily than vaginal sex and can cause extensive damage to the anus. Lubrication and condoms are recommended for anyone practicing it.



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