My Cause is Life

My Cause: Life


What is the purpose of my blog?

It is simple: celebrate life itself.

Celebrate life with all its nuances, beauty and pain.

All life’s evils and its goodness.

Life is beautiful.

Life is a precious gift.

I think it is truly the highest and most important gift God gave us.

Whether you believe in God or not I think we can all agree life has inherent immeasurable value.

Down to the tiniest blooming plant to the shy man on the bus to the criminal offender to the slow-moving whale.

I love life.

I love life and I want to celebrate it.

I want to give to others and live life to the fullest.

There’s so much war and death in the world.

But, maybe just one man can make a difference.

Maybe one man can stand up and celebrate life.




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11 thoughts on “My Cause is Life

  1. Aquileana says:

    Beautiful manifesto-poem…
    I like the fact that you say: “I want to give to others and live life to the fullest”… Those words in paticular resonated with me… (just let´s be aware not too give up too much of ourselves to others, as at times it might become a force something against us) … Love your writing!…. All the best! 😀

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  2. BelleUnruh says:

    What you wrote here is wonderful. I truely believe one person can make a huge difference. Look at Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King Jr. Also Martin Luther himself, who put his life on the line for God.

    I have had a very hard time loving life or even being grateful to God for it. I have at times hated my life, and many times wished I had never been born. Im not sure I should have shared these thoughts with you, but I thought perhaps it might be good for you to understand people like me.

    Job and Jeremiah felt the way I felt and Elijah asked God to let him die, so I’m in good company. But God has shown me how to think better thoughts and how to trust him in the hard times of life. I realize now, God’s comfort and friendship is enough for me. He is all I need for life to be beautiful.


  3. Peter Klopp says:

    Having read your post on Life, I realize we are on the same wavelength, as far as our spiritual journey is concerned. I am writing this response away from home waiting for my cancer treatment to start. It is in moments like this that one begins to understand how precious life is. Thanks for reaching out to me, when you commented on my photo post! Vielen Dank!


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