‘Baby Driver’ Review

‘Baby Driver’ Review

Greetings my intrepid readers!

This is a short review about the recently released crime action thriller Baby Driver. I hope you enjoy!


Baby Driver’s plot revolves around a young man named ‘Baby’ who drives criminals around on their heists. His quick reflexes and innovative driving wins him and his crew evasion from capture every time. Baby’s employer, ‘Doc’, sees his success and has no intention of letting him leave the criminal life behind.

Baby, on the other hand, wants to be free. He begins seeing a waitress at the local diner named Debora (played by Lily James). Debora is wooed by Baby’s shyness and innocent demeanor. Winning Debora’s love becomes his goal. Baby manages to pay off Doc and enjoys his newfound freedom; getting a new job and treating Debora to fancy dinners in the process.


All goes well until Doc returns to tell him that he may have paid off the debt but he is not free from his driving job. Doc brings together an unruly crew made up of unsavory and unique characters: the aggressive and unpredictable ‘Bats’ (played by Jamie Foxx), the somewhat chill and easygoing ‘Buddy’ (played by Jon Hamm) and the seductive and playful ‘Darling’ (played by Eiza Gonzalez).

For Baby, it’s a race to the finish. Will he be able to leave town and this life of crime behind him or will he lose Debora, and even his own life, to his criminal career?

baby driver crew

I loved this film! The pace of this film is fast and intense for the majority of its run-time. In fact, I can’t think of an actual minute that I was bored with this film. Concerning the tone, Baby Driver is very fun, stylish and intense; its action scenes deliver and the characters themselves execute their roles with pizzazz and conviction. Jamie Foxx’s acting was very captivating and managed to add an extra layer of morbidity to this already dark thriller. I also applaud Kevin Spacey’s performance; it was a ruthless and icy execution punctuated with brilliance and comedic timing. One must also recognize Elgort’s performance here; he brought this character to life with a degree of intimacy and genuine sincerity: I truly believed he didn’t want anyone to get hurt or pay for his involvement.

Baby Driver earns my rating of 94%. It’s fast, intense, fun and will keep you at the edge of your seat. If you haven’t seen Baby Driver yet I highly recommend you check it out today!


Thanks for reading!


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