Little Big Burger review

Greetings my intrepid friends!

In this article I describe my latest culinary venture: Little Big Burger.

Recently, while out with a friend we walked down the MAX (Portland’s train system) line looking for a place to dine. We stumbled upon the small and quaint ‘Little Big Burger.’

a burger place

Upon musing over the name we stepped inside to a small yet wide interior. The man at the counter quickly took our order. We stared at the wall, which amazingly numbered less than ten items. This wasn’t too much of a problem considering the variety of toppings they offer with each burger.

We sat down and were delighted upon getting our meal so quickly. I ordered a cheeseburger with goat (chevre) cheese and he ordered truffle fries. The fries were delicious and crispy, and my burger was very well-cooked, juicy and complemented perfectly by the sharp chevre cheese.

a burger menu

I enjoyed my time at this quaint restaurant, and I recommend anyone living near a ‘Little Big Burger’ to give it a try. They’re fast, and their food is succulent and filling.

Stay hungry my friends.

a burger and fries
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