Song of Inspiration-Skyworld’s Icarus


Greetings my intrepid dreamers!

I was recently checking out fellow blogger, Soul Bare’s website. She is a passionate blogger who talks about her faith, love of music and other interests in a very expressive colorful manner. What caught my attention the most about her website was her ‘song of the week’ series. In this series she shares the song that has most inspired her during the week. So, in adaptive fashion I’d like to share my own song of inspiration: Icarus.


Icarus is a neo-orchestral piece in the Romantic style written by the popular group Two Steps From Hell. Within this piece we get a slow build that magnifies with each section. The emotions are so palpable you could almost just close your eyes and walk into paradise (or whatever thing you idealize most). The strings and brass create this feeling that you are beholding something majestic and noble. With each crescendo the sense of grandeur seems to give way to a feeling of completeness; oneness. Finally, triangles punctuate the dramatic swell with glints of pure joy. Then the song stops and the loud pomp gives way to a gentle decrescendo.


I am inspired by this piece because it embodies a magical journey through paradise. The sounds and swells of the trumpets make you think something grand and noble is happening. The other instruments lend a feeling of goodness; a pure joy. Finally, it is the triangles that give you a sense that whatever is happening is ‘going to be alright’ with their tiny soft dings. This piece, although written to convey Icarus’ majestic flight, gives wings to my own dreams: someday I will become an accomplished writer with stable finances and a beautiful family, someday I will get to build my own humanitarian company, and someday I will rest forever as my soul flies to heaven to meet God.

Music can give your dreams wings. I know it because that’s what this piece did for me.

You can hear the piece here:


Two Steps from Hell - Invincible

Thanks for reading.



4 thoughts on “Song of Inspiration-Skyworld’s Icarus

  1. Aquileana says:

    I didn´t know the song…. I am listening to it as I type this comment…. Icarus is one of my favorite myths. Icarus & his father wanted to escape from the labyrinth in the Island of Minos, which was guarded by a Minotaur… When they were flying using the waxed wings Dedalus had created, Icarus was overcome by the incredible feeling of flig… He flew so high that he got perilously close to the sun. Just as his father warned him would happen, the wax on his wings melted into a useless liquid. The myth reminds us to keep balance and never try to fo further than we should.
    Have a great week! 😉

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