Thoughts on “STAR WARS Legacy of the Force: Bloodlines”

I loved this book and the “Legacy of the Force” series.

The main focus of this story is Jacen Solo who is debating the proper use of power.

Jacen begins to use dark-side methods and betraying his Jedi Codes. Within the whole series we see Jacen’s morality unravel and rearrange itself into a Sith Lord’s. In Bloodlines he begins to frequent the Sith Lady Lumiya, a woman he was supposed to kill or imprison from the start.

I couldn’t believe this!

Jacen knows better! I was boggled to comprehend how he could do such underhanded things such as study the Sith way without being heavily vexed. Perhaps he is sorely conflicted but he is pushing straight past his conscience(likely heavily influenced by Han and Leia’s experiences). I just know Jacen’s end is gonna be one of mayhem.

As for Ben Skywalker; he’s not a very interesting character due to play a big part. Other than being the son of Luke Skywalker and a novice Padawan Traviss doesn’t say much about his character. All I know as a reader is that Ben has a strong desire to impress Jacen.

Han and Leia Solo play a part in this book too. Han is still the calculating, no-nonsense maverick he was in the movies. Leia is the more cool-headed Solo who rings him in. Thankfully Leia is still around; she helps Han think more clearly since Han is tightly wound. Han is paralyzed with fear at the threat of Boba Fett and Thrackan Solo. Han thinks Thrackan wants nothing more than to kill him and that Boba will be the man to pull the trigger.

Speaking of Boba Fett, er, he is now a much older man trudging along wearing the helmet of Mandalore.

I still don’t know how he became the Mandalore…I have further reading to do.

Nonetheless, I loved this book. I got to see Solo family dynamics, planetary pride from Han, religion influencing Galactic politics and the continuation of the Skywalker family tree. The action was thrilling and the character development is slow but rewarding. Splendid!

Check out STAR WARS Legacy of the Force: Bloodlines for yourself. You’re sure to enjoy it!

I guess I’ll need to answer the following questions through some intense Star Wars reading:

a) What happened between the end of the Galactic Empire and the beginning of this book?

b) How did Boba Fett earn the title of ‘the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy?’

c) How in the name of Taris did Fett become Mandalore?!

Jacen Solo: he’s Han and Leia’s boy, alright.



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