Undervalued: Humility



Humility is something a little bit like currency. It is important and often demanded but no one wants to pay the price.

One must be humble to be a police officer; one must ask questions before prosecuting and must serve the public. It is an attitude of serving that should motivate cops not to fire on civilians just because they are black.

One must be humble to work in retail; one must serve others in a thankless environment and follow orders to the letter. It is an attitude of serving that should motivate us in retail to bite our tongues when customers and managment alike mistreat us and show no respect.

Humility, I believe, is something rarely understood and even more rarely celebrated. This is because forceful pride and flamboyant ego are worshiped in modern society. We see this with celecbrities and the corporate world. ‘To be the best’ and to ‘take care of yourself first’ have become such popular mantras in American culture that the idea of taking last place or taking care of others first are almost impossible to conceptualize.

I see humility lacking in my country. I also see it lacking in me. I must do better. I must admit when I am wrong and put others first. We, as the human race, must take the path less traveled by. We must mimic Jesus, who being God and teacher of his disciples, stooped down to wash their feet and serve them. He did this with no shame and no hurt pride. We must imitate the examples of the scientists with New Horizons who mended their theory when they saw Pluto was not a dead-world as they claimed but tectonically active.

Humility is a tricky thing: it submits to truth and doesn’t demand attention like pride does. If only we practiced more of humility in society today we would see a lot more concern for the welfare of mankind and a lot less concern for one’s ego.


humble quote

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New Horizons: Scientists admit they were completely wrong about ‘inert’ Pluto

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