Benefits and Limits of the MBTI


Greetings, in this short article I address the benefits and limits of the MBTI as I see them.

On the Meyers-Briggs test I am given the result of a marginal ENFJ. This means I am somewhere between an ENFJ and INFJ. Conversely, I am adept at mimicking ESTP, ISTP, and at times ESFP.

The results make sense because if you knew me you’d see how people-oriented I am.

For those of you who study the functions: I am a heavy Fe and Se user. Thanks to having STJ parents I have been adept at developing my Fi, Ne, Si and Te functions. Learning this on Meyers-Briggs test helped me put my weaknesses in concrete terms.

The test is very insightful and conceptual. However, that is where its usefulness ends; people CAN be understood in a logical pattern but in the end people are not mere collections of blocks to be studied. Such an objectifying approach can dehumanize the very people the test aims to understand.

The test is a guide, nothing more.


5 thoughts on “Benefits and Limits of the MBTI

  1. baimeilian says:

    I agree with you that Myers Briggs does “block” people off in categories, thus potentially stereotyping them.
    I also agree with you that since you are an xNFJ you can exhibit traits of xSTPs and even alpha or gamma traits at times.

    What I’ve realized with MBTI is that with deeper understand of the functions, we can use it to understand a person beyond their given type. Sometimes my INFJ friend acts like an ISTP. Sometimes my ENFP friend acts like a ESTJ. We all loop into different functions and we can even develop our “shadow functions”.

    All stereotypes and types have to be analyzed with discerning eyes.

    Thank you so much for this awesome post! 😊

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    1. intrepid8 says:

      Thanks! What are the alpha and gamma traits?!
      To your point on shadow functions: it makes sense to develop these especially with people with whom you naturally don’t share any function, (ESTJ and ISTJ) like my own parents!


    2. intrepid8 says:

      Awesome! Thanks for the link!

      How have you applied the information you’ve used in Socionics? I, for one, have worked on recognizing how to help build my personal values (Fi building) and using broad logic (Te building).

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