Mongol Project-Introduction

Greetings, my history-lovers.

In all my time writing for this website I have covered culinary arts, travel, movie reviews and even a few science articles. However, my first love is history and it is high time I point my attention to one of the greatest empires in history.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meine Damen und Herren, I give you The Mongol Project.

In this, my most ambitious project, I will get the opinions of giants in the fields of history and geography. I will give you, my readers, a detailed, storied and engaging presentation on the empire that changed history, brought nations together, destroyed millions of lives eradicated dozens of cultures, and began the entrepreneurial trek towards globalization.

While this is but the introduction to The Mongol Project I hope I have garnered your attention because this Project will be an ongoing project composed of multiple articles you don’t want to miss.


Thanks for stopping by.

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