Sushi Hana Review

Greetings intrepid food lovers!

How are you doing today?

Today I am writing a short business review about an esteemed local restaurant. That’s right: Sushi Hana in Vancouver, Washington.

Sushi Hana is located on 13503 Mill Plain Blvd in a sizable strip mall off of 136th St.

I’ve now been to this locale a total of two times. The California rolls are delicious and the center revolving conveyor belt offers quick food and new exciting orders to munch on. The interior is small and yet roomy simultaneously.

When walking in one is greeted by the hostess and takes a seat by an oval-shaped table surrounding a rotating conveyor belt. This conveyor belt of treats ushers a variety of food past each set of wandering eyes. Each dish is covered with a broad plastic cover, which protects the contents.

The ambience I also enjoy, It is cozy and unintrusive, embellished with paintings and pictures of food from the menu. Plus, I also enjoyed seeing the staff at work; the chefs are contented artisans happily plying their craft. I watched as the thirty-something year old man gracefully sliced and stacked each dish deliberately and carefully. He was so proud and content with his meal preparation.

On my first visit, my friend and I pulled up to the busy restaurant at nightfall. The place was buzzing with the happy chatter of many customers. My friend, even though he said he wasn’t hungry, ordered NINE plates! I think he preferred the spiced tuna and the California rolls the most but that didn’t stop him from trying many other dishes, including the sesame balls for dessert.

“The poke tuna is the best deal.”-my friend the dentist.

On my second visit, my wife and I entered the small abode and ordered our food during their lunch hour. She had a hankering that couldn’t be ignored! Sadly, this was last month and due to the restrictions on restaurants we had to order the food to go. The hostess greeted us and bade us to stand behind the black line. We happily ordered the California roll, Dragon Roll and a dessert of Sesame Balls.

“The California Roll was fresh and delicious! The Dragon Roll was great, and the Sesame Balls were amazing!”-exclaimed my wife in a sing-song voice.

It made me quite sad that such a small lovely eatery is restricted to pickup orders and delivery. One can’t sit in and enjoy a meal in Sushi Hana’s cool atmosphere.

I can’t wait till the lockdown is over so I can enjoy the Sushi Hana experience again!

The sushi rolls are delectable and quick to order.

I give Sushi Hana a 8.9 rating for its good food, speedy buffet style and cozy relaxing atmosphere. If you’re ever in Vancouver, Washington come check out Sushi Hana at the corner of 136th St. and Mill Plain!

Thanks for reading.


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