Taco Bell-Do I Like Them?

Greetings intrepid foodies!

I hope you are all safe and sound during this time of global crisis. My thoughts and prayers go to all the nurses and medical staff that are caring for those sick. We appreciate you guys here at Intrepid Venture.

Today I discuss a recent experience with my one of my most popular local fast food chains: Taco Bell.

The Chalupa Savings Box for $5

My wife and I were on our way from work when we were assaulted by a vicious hankering for that American classic: Taco Bell.

I ordered the Chalupa Savings Box for $5 and we were mostly not disappointed. In said meal we got a Chalupa Supreme, Beefy 5-Layer Burrito, Crunchy Taco, Cinnamon Twists and a medium drink (not on the second visit because they forgot our drink and we hurriedly didn’t check).

Conversely, my wife had purchased a handful of original crunchy tacos that were valued at ninety-nine cents each. She also had my cinnamon twists, since I don’t see the appeal in those weird crunchy things. I’m glad that she does.

Cinnamon Twists are a staple Taco Bell dessert

When we got home we set the table, grabbed napkins and drinks before opening our makeshift American dinner. The wafting glorious smell of fried meat greeted our unexpecting nostrils. We sat to pray over our meal and then whisked out the warm contents of the bag.

My wife heroically peered into her wrapped taco and inspected that the contents of said taco were indeed correct. I smiled at her approvingly before gripping the warm savory chalupa with my left hand. When I bit into the chalupa I was reminded of why the Chalupa is now one of the Nine Wonders of the World (yes I am counting King Kong).

The Chalupa combines a tasty soft dough with crisp edges

I loved the Chalupa from Taco Bell. The soft doughy shell was soft and yet had a bit of crispness to it. Moreover, my wife thought the taco deal was a real steal. I am so glad that despite her having had authentic tacos all her life she doesn’t turn her nose up at Taco Bell!

My wife grew up with authentic Mexican cuisine and still loves Taco Bell! How cool is that!

Seriously though guys, we enjoy eating at Taco Bell. It’s cheap and quite filling. I’m aware of the detractors: it’s not always the healthiest and it is not authentic Tex-Mex cuisine. Don’t worry guys. If I wanted authentic Tex-Mex cuisine I’d try a more local chain. But this time I simply wanted cheap and delicious filling food. Other than forgetting my drink Taco Bell has my approval.

Taco Bell is now offering the Double Chalupa!

How about you guys out there? Do you have a local guilty pleasure in your neighborhood? Is there a fast food chain that you give a pass to? If so, please comment below!

I hope you enjoyed the post. Have a great day and be safe!

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