Petra House Review

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Today I am writing about a quaint local Middle Eastern restaurant. It’s called Petra House and it is located in a small strip mall on the busy 164th St in Vancouver, WA.

On the outside you are greeted by a simple glass pane with ‘Petra House’ in red lettering. It is near a local bar, barbershop and Goodwill. In other words, blink and you might miss it!

You have the choice to eat at a booth or traditional Arab seating, which is low to the ground at a circular table.

Once inside you are greeted by a pleasant atmosphere. The seating is traditional or booth. Middle Eastern tapestry and paraphernalia colorfully embellish the walls and stands. I myself sat by an elaborate wood carving of a camel while my wife took her seat beside an ornate golden lamp.

We were greeted by two young servers who warmly welcomed us to the establishment and offered us rose water to wash our hands. My wife and I smiled. We felt fancy as we were lavished with traditional Middle Eastern hospitality. Once we were ready we made our orders and within fifteen minutes we received our plates: Beef Shawarma and Lamb Shawarma.

A warm inviting interior welcomes you to rest and eat.

After we said grace we dug into our entrees. The rice was soft, moist and well-seasoned. The meat itself was savory and its sauce was a flavorful boon to our palates. Also savory was our appetizer: Sambousak (Middle Eastern Samosas). The Sambousak’s crust was flaky and crunchy while the meat was sweet, well-seasoned and tender.

Lavish plates such as this one await you at Petra House; beautiful plated and rich in flavor

Despite our love for the Sambousak and the delicious Mango Smoothie, both my wife and I agreed that the Shawarma was our favorite. In fact, we’ll probably order it again the next time we go!

The service is kind, helpful and welcoming.

Our servers returned and smilingly asked us if we wanted something else. We politely declined and they hastily returned with our check. These servers were some of the most polite I’ve ever met.

I had a great time there. Both my wife and I enjoyed the food, the hospitality and especially the atmosphere. When eating at Petra House we felt we were in a lavish Bedouin tent about to be treated to top notch hospitality and killer food. I recommend Petra House to anyone in the Vancouver area wanting some good food from the Levant.

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