Little Known Place: New Mapoon, Australia

Greetings intrepid travelers!

I am writing to you today about a special place that few know about. This place is called New Mapoon and it is located near the northernmost tip of Continental Australia. I will tell you why this place deserves a look!

Loyalty Beach, New Mapoon

This town is part of the Northern Peninsula Region of Australia. The region boasts a warm tropical climate. Its beaches look westwards. Across the serene waters, you can make out the slew of islands before you: Possession Island, Entrance Island, Port Lihou Island, Dayman Island and smaller others.

This town is a small community thriving due to its coastal nature

This place was an important location to the Australian Aborigines. It still is to this day. If you are lucky you can enjoy a ceremonial dance, witness the coming of age customs and hear their unique stories.

Aborigine child performing a New Mapoon ceremony

This town was known for its history as a Presbyterian mission. It has since dissipated but the legacy remains there to this day.

A Presbyterian Mission was founded in 1893 in New Mapoon

While this town is a scenic feast for the eyes and a window into the past the present cannot be ignored. The local indigenous people wish to further develop the land they own. This is, of course, with the understanding the local Aborigine community is short on funding and only recently getting real government assistance. My hope is that amidst the tourism and bright scenery the local populace can further build up and develop the land they call home.

The beaches and rivers beckon: “Come visit!”

Thanks for reading!

Beaches such as these await you in New Mapoon!


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