The Magic of the UNO card game

Hey intrepid people!

Have you ever played a fun game that required few rules but offered a variety of moves and countermoves? Did you enjoy that game? Well, then you’ll enjoy UNO!

UNO is a simple card game that uses colors numbers and WILD cards to facilitate the objective of “emptying one’s hand.” This is achieved by playing all your cards while also causing your rivals to pick up more cards. Upon getting down to the last card in hand the player shouts “UNO!” (Hence the name) The first player to use up all cards wins the game. This is also played in sets where the winner of each set counts the remaining cards of his/her opponents as points for himself/herself. The use of WILD cards makes the game more interesting with color changes and DRAW cards making the opposing players pick up more cards.

In my experience this game is most fun when played between 3-4 players. Then again I do have the deck, which includes the customizable WILD cards where you and your friends make the rules.


UNO big deck.png

I recommend this game to anyone and everyone. It is fun, easy to understand and gives the players creativity with the rules (for the customizable WILD cards).

What about you? What are some cool card games YOU recommend? Feel free to chime in with a comment below!

Thanks for reading!


Mattel-UNO product description

UNO-The Rules





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