“Ant-Man and The Wasp” Review

Greetings, friends from around the world!

In this short review I give you my honest opinion on the recently released film, “Ant-Man and the Wasp.” I hope you enjoy!

This film revolves around the trio of Ant-Man, The Wasp and Hank Pym who are all trying to retrieve Janet Van Dyne (original Wasp) from the Quantum Realm. On the way to their goal they are pursued by mobsters in league with the FBI and a dangerous super villain with phasing abilities named “Ghost.”

Faced with house arrest for aiding Captain America in Germany, Scott Lang must decide whether to help his friends find Janet or stay out of it to his benefit. If he helps Hank and Hope it will incriminate him, preventing him from seeing his daughter. But, which is more important: playing it safe in order to be there for his daughter or aiding the people who helped him become Ant-Man in the first place?


Without spoiling too much, I will list this films highs and lows:  


  1. Ant-Man and the Wasp have great chemistry together and work well as a team.
  2. The villain is tough, complex and memorable.
  3. The action scenes were highly entertaining
  4. The comedy was mostly on-point and well-timed.
  5. The climax of this movie felt like the climax.
  6. This film gives us a suspenseful cliffhanger for what’s to come.


  1. Bill Foster, a memorable comic book character is underused in this film.
  2. The film juggles various characters and action scenes in a messy way before recovering.
  3. The film imitates the charm of the first “Ant-Man” film but doesn’t quite succeed in capturing all the substance of its predecessor.
  4. Luis’ subplot should have been minimized because it attempts to derail the plot at times.
  5. Hope could have used some more character development but couldn’t due to so many characters needing screen time.
  6. The cliffhanger mid-credits scene is much more interesting than the rest of this movie.  

janet van dyne

But, criticism and all, I loved this movie. It does what it sets out to do: entertain the audience, show where Ant-Man was preceding the events of “Infinity War” and give us a clue as to what role Scott will play in the future. With regards to the film’s components: it executes the plot well and provides loads of Marvel-esque comedy. In addition to the effective comedy the characters in this film all serve their purposes: Ant-Man and the Wasp carry the action, Ghost provides the conflict, Luis and his cohorts supply the low-key humor and Janet Van Dyne is the goal of the plot.

giant man

I give this film a solid 84% for its ability to entertain and tell a good story. This film would have gotten a higher score if it hadn’t tried to juggle too many characters at once.

Thanks for reading!

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