Planet of the of the Dinosaurs review

Greetings my movie-loving intrepidarians!

Have you ever seen a bad movie that was so bad it was good? You know, the ones you just had to laugh at and enjoy with friends?

Well, if you haven’t stay tuned. I’m about to talk about one!


Planet of the Dinosaurs is a 1977 low budget sci-fi film. It was filmed in Vazquez Rocks, California.

The story begins with a starship crashing on a forlorn Earth-like planet light-years away. The small crew scramble to gather their supplies and camp out in the wilderness.

The crew soon discover the planet is filled with huge dinosaurs. Upon seeing the creatures they are both fascinated and frightened but they focus on their quest for survival. Although the crew is primarily concerned with being rescued and preserving their rations the appearance of a Tyrannosaurus soon rearranges their priorities. Bloodthirsty and relentless, the Tyrannosaurus hunts after the crew and even manages to kill a number of them. Our heroes must band together to stop the beast before they go extinct.


This wacky and cheesy movie had me outright entertained for eighty minutes. Planet of the Dinosaurs manages to tell an entertaining story amidst the quirky characters and numerous plot holes. The film’s antagonist, the T-Rex, actual manages to be a scary villain; he constantly appears out of nowhere, kills multiple characters suddenly without warning, and comes with a pretty evil theme song.

For its low points the film has terrible acting, ridiculous plot lines and awkward dialogue. Add to that list a laughable set of props (most likely bought at Toys R Us) that fail to convince us this bumbling crew is from the future. From the looks of these shortcomings the director must have spent all of the budget on the Claymation dinosaurs. Those dinos are the only professional looking thing in this movie.

Nonetheless, Planet of the Dinosaurs manages to entertain and amuse. Even if you only watch this movie once I guarantee you you’ll have fun with this so-bad-it’s-good classic.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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4 thoughts on “Planet of the of the Dinosaurs review

      1. Grace says:

        I like cheesy movies. I mean like that’s the fun. Watching a movie and just making fun of it. Cz it wasn’t made to be funny lol.


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