25 thoughts on “Birthday Blues

  1. BelleUnruh says:

    Happy Bithday! It sucks you didn’t get a gift and hardly anyone remembered. Yes, we do need some love for ourselves – for sure! You should go buy something special for yourself and maybe a gift for someone poor. I think that would lift your heart.


  2. Liliane Caliste says:

    Bonjour, j’ai raté votre anniversaire, Avec deux jours de retard, je viens vous le souhaiter. J’espère que vous vous êtes fait un grand plaisir ce jour-là. Je suis sure que les personnes qui vous ont oublié vont s’en vouloir et se rattraper ! Mais il n’est jamais trop tard et à 19 h 00 ce soir je vais boire à votre santé en pensant amicalement à vous. Bonne et heureuse journée !

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  3. Karen says:

    Belated birthday wishes, I think the gift you gave yourself is better than any you could have gotten from someone else. May you have many more healthy and happy ones in the years to come.

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  4. lesenquetesdantoinette says:

    Moi aussi je suis très en retard. Alors BON ANNIVERSAIRE🎁🎉🎊Peu importe le jour l’important c’est l’attention que tu reçois. Je t’envoie plein d’ondes positives. Feel good

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  5. delphini510 says:

    Happy Birthday dear……………, Happy birthday to you.
    You are right, it isn’t right that anyone should be without recognition on the day they arrived at this Earth. So I join in with the other blogger friends and tell you how we appreciate you.

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  6. Grace says:

    Awww. Bilated happy birthday. A little gift of love. Though it is late. It is sad though that no one remembered. But I actually have stopped loving birthdays as I am getting older. I would love to not acknowledge it though, but I would still feel bad if friends and family didn’t wish me. But getting older is scary. More responsibility. More expectations from others and from yourself.

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  7. stockdalewolfe says:

    Happy birthday!! Happy birthday! Happy birthday!! My sister-in-law called me on my 70th birthday to talk to me about stuff and never once said happy birthday. My husband remembers and maybe one friend. But I was one to always remember and give gifts. I am rethinking the whole thing especially since and this really upsets me, my nephews and nieces never thank me for gifts. Anyhow some day you will have a special someone who will remember and to hell with the rest of the self-absorbed slackers. I am trying to rise above it. At my age… birthdays have a grim side to them.


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