Why you should visit Belize

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Have you ever been to the amazing country of Belize? In this short article I describe the history, beauty and richness of this little-known Central American country. Without further ado, enjoy the ride!

Belize was a small part of the prestigious Mayan Empire. This empire had perfected a calendar and fascinating  stone pyramids. Their reign declined and soon Spanish forces claimed the area five hundred years later.

Belizean Pyramid
Ancient Mayan pyramid surrounded by other Mayan ruins

The region came under the dominance of British pirates and loggers. These British colonists would call themselves Baymen. Other people groups would join them: Africans, Mayans, Mexican Mestizos. These groups were ruled together as a British Colony until 1981. It is now a Commonwealth State.

Belize’s location in Central America

Thanks to its history, Belize is a country of racial and ethnic diversity with a thriving capital in Belmopan. Its people speak English, and Kriol and Spanish are largely recognized. Much of its population resides in the former capital Belize City, which was ravaged by Hurricane Hattie. Since then many have sought refuge in nearby Belmopan.

If you’re planning to stay in Belize for a spell be sure to check out the pristine blue waters of the Belizean Barrier Reef. This living structure is the second longest reef in the world! There, one can appreciate the array of colors, huge schools of fish, and the majestic Great Blue Hole, a deep sinkhole forming a dark circle over the otherwise clear waters.

The Great Blue Hole

Besides diving, the country’s rain forests offer a wide variety of wildlife ranging from horse-like tapirs to colorful toucans to majestic jaguars. Caves Branch, a local company, offers modest prices to tour the immense jungles. Also included in these tours is the opportunity for some prime spelunking.

Belizean jungle
Belizean rain forest
Rainforest Belize
An idyllic place to stay in Belize with your special someone

For those seeking more city attractions; In both Belize City and Belmopan you can find no shortage of fine restaurants. The locals blend traditional Kriol dishes like fried fish and coconut milk with Latin dishes like tortillas, rice and beans. Among these check out the Wet Lizard and Rumfish y Vino.

In Belize City take a look at the Belize Zoo and its vast collection of animals (most endemic to the country), waltz into the fancy Belize Museum (once an Elizabethan prison), and ornate St. John’s Cathedral (the oldest Anglican Church in Central America).

Whether you’re looking for great outdoors, a tour of an old city filled with history or just a private romantic getaway Belize has what you want in spades. If you’re in the market for a beautiful getaway in the tropics…look no further!

Belize’s Barrier Reef is a gorgeous sight to behold. The image above captures fish feeding near the cornucopia of hues
Belize’s Government House


Belizean cuisine
Belizean cuisine in all its glory



Ambergris Caye

Belizean cuisine

Belizean weather

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Belizean wildlife
This whale shark is slowly saying ‘Hello and like this page! Be sure to follow Intrepid Venture for more adventures!


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4 thoughts on “Why you should visit Belize

  1. delphini510 says:

    Enticing and informative post. You have made me dream of visiting Belize. The Barrier reef with its blue hole, the rain forests, the gorgeous getaway place……the Mayan culture not to be forgotten.

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  2. Chris Campbell says:

    Thank you for your insights and tips. Belize is next on the list so this is super helpful! I love diving but that Blue Hole gives me the creeps, something about wide open spaces. Did you get in there yourself?


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