Film Review-Star Wars: Rogue One

Star Wars: Rogue One

Film review


SW Rogue One
Jyn Erso, the film’s protagonist in an Imperial disguise


Greetings intrepid Star Wars lovers! Here is my short review on the Star Wars movie: Star Wars: Rogue One.

The film’s plot revolves around its two main characters Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor. Erso and Andor embark on a gripping adventure to steal and deliver the Death Star plans to the Rebel Alliance. Before they can do that though they encounter rebels, Jedi, and an unconvinced Alliance cowering at the might of the new horrific weapon. Undaunted by the legions of Stormtroopers and Imperial horde the duo, accompanied by other ragtag misfits, race to steal the plans from the Galactic Empire and fulfill the Alliance’s mission: hope.


rogue one
(from left to right) Baze Malbus, K-2SO, Cassian Andor, Jyn Erso, Chirrut Imwe and Bodhi Rook.

Everything from the expert pacing, grade-A acting, exciting music and impressive special effects captivates its audience and succeeds in bridging Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope.


The shield generator on the Imperial planet of Scarif. The battles on and above this planet were some of the most memorable in all of the Star Wars Film Universe.



I highly enjoyed this movie. I walked into this film thinking it would be a great show of special effects with the sole mission of explaining what happened between the 3rd and 4th films. Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised. Star Wars Rogue One managed to introduce new characters, new planets and subplots linked to the original trilogy. I enjoyed the character’s exchanges, the stunning battle scenes and references to the original trilogy. Watching this film actually made me want to grab some popcorn and re-watch the original trilogy right after!


K-2SO was a hoot in this movie. He was sarcastic and witty while also being fiercely loyal to the Rebellion. His charm and usefulness is just one of the examples of good character writing in film. 


I LOVED this movie! Star Wars: Rogue One is a work of art that exhibits competent storytelling, compelling characters, fun scenes and excellent music. One word describes this movie: Terrific.

From the enthralling music to the fun characters to the amazing battle sequences Rogue One manages to tell its own story. This is impressive because it does so while not stepping over the original plotline of the first three movies. All in all, Rogue One showcases the high production values, rigorous effort and immense creativity that still resides in Lucas Films.


Battle of Scarif
Battle of Scarif. My favorite scene in the movie (where the Rebel X Wings squeeze into the barrier before it closes to help Rogue One) precedes this one on the beach.


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