Why you should visit Uruguay

Greetings my intrepid travelers!

After reviewing information on the tiny South American nation of Uruguay I must say…it’s quite snazzy!

For all of you travelers out there I’m about to hand you seven reasons to visit this progressive country on the other side of the world.


Ø  Uruguay boasts a rich art scene

From artists depicting the birth of the nation in Juan Manuel Blanes to the nationalistic hero Carlos Maria Herrera to the gifted Pedro Figari, Uruguay has many national artists to choose from.

Museo Historia Del Arte

Check out the Museo Historia Del Arte in Montevideo, too. This museum includes notorious works from around the world such as Europe, Africa and the Americas. Gaze at various collections of samurai armor, Islamic art or stand in awe of an archaeological section devoted solely to Uruguay.

Juan Manuel Blanes Museum


Ø  Uruguay has a varied and impressive cuisine

You’ll find a slew of culinary choices in Uruguayan restaurants. The local dishes range from chivitos (steak sandwiches which can include bacon, mushroom, egg, ham, olives and cheese) to tortellini to empanadas.

Meat is the foundation of Uruguayan cuisine

Standard Spanish cuisine meets Italian cuisine, German Cuisine and Armenian fare in gaucho-inspired dishes. The gauchos owe much to Uruguayan diet because they helped make beef the staple.

In the Uruguayan menu, you follow a hearty meal with wine or yerba mate.

Italian-inspired delights

Ø  Uruguay welcomes tourists gladly

Uruguayans are friendly and welcome visitors to their country gladly. The customs are largely the same of any other Latin American country.

Uruguayans are a proud and friendly people

Ø  Uruguay is a melting pot of culture

Home to people of Spanish, Italian, French and German descent (to name a few), Uruguay is a melting pot with strong European influence. Other ethnic groups such as Brazilians and Armenians grace the country with their culture, cuisine and languages.

Cultures merge in the confluence of Uruguay

Ø  Uruguay has a rich history waiting to be explored

Colonized by Spain and Portugal and fought over between Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay has a history of conflict. From the border disputes arose a nation proud of its independence and cultural diversity.

Independent since August 28, 1828 and still going strong.

The historic town of Colonia del Sacramento

Ø  Uruguay offers many recreational opportunities

Check out the splendid promenade, Rambla, take a walk down the Colonia del Sacramento, or go surfing in the magnificent Punta del Diablo. Plus, if you want to hit up the social scene check out the bustling Punta del Este.

Whether you’re looking to gaze at a city skyline, walk along a pristine beach or party it up Uruguay offers what you want in spades.

Not to be forgotten either are the humble abodes of the gauchos: estancias. If the rural countryside calls your name answer it in Uruguay!

Explore the wonders of Uruguay!

Ø  Uruguay is doable with travel deals

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Thanks for reading!

All the wild horses of the Uruguayan plain thank you for reading!



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