Fun, Food and Friendship

Greetings readers!

When I first started this blog I did so to share my thoughts and experiences as a college grad living life post-college. Months later I uploaded posts about my favorite topics in literature, television, video games and research.

But now, I want to return to my first intention: sharing my thoughts and experiences as a college grad. It has been a long road.


Just this last Thanksgiving week my friend David from college came visiting from Texas. David is a very reticent fellow but he is loyal, insightful and fun to play video games with. We played Luigi’s Mansion on the Wii and ate Garlic Chicken and Cranberry Sauce. Our mutual friend Spenser also blew into town and we ate out with him and his family.

That time spent with friends; laughing, sharing stories and enjoying each other’s company is priceless. You can’t put a price on that. I would gladly take off time for work for friends and family. Those three things, friendship, fun and food, all go together and make any stressful holiday season bearable…and cherished.



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