Living in the Northwest

Happy times to you, intrepidarians!

Have you ever been to the Pacific Northwest?

It’s quite the treat! Here’s why!


The rain forests in Washington are wondrous

a) It is very outdoor-friendly.

Here in the Northwest the terrain offers much; from hiking and biking to snowboarding. The weather here is usually mild and doesn’t snow much. One can go outdoors and bask in the sun in the summers or explore the scenic rain forest of the the Olympic Peninsula in the rainy season.

portland people
Portlanders living life

b) People here are generally nice and welcoming.

If you ever visit the Northwest, particularly Portland or Seattle, you will find eclectic types who, although strange at times, are very open and welcoming to people of other backgrounds and walks of life.

I have met people who love grunge, people who love rap, middle-class, upper-class, etc and almost everyone I met accepted me as I am and respected me as a person. Anyone visiting the Northwest will feel this from most. That, my friends, is a social atmosphere worth checking out.

Take in all the various culinary delights in Seattle’s U-District or Portland’s SE side

c) It has become a melting pot.

They say variety is the spice of life.

That is what you’ll get with the Pacific Northwest. Both Portland and Seattle, for example, have racial diversity and anything from coffee shops to restaurants to tea shops tell that story. In Seattle’s White Center, for example, you can find Vietnamese restaurants, Asian markets and various taco trucks all within the same half-mile radius. In Portland you can find authentic Mexican, Indian, Thai and Cuban cuisine all within the downtown area. You can also find vinyl stores, outdoor gear, convenience stores and yoga shops within the same zipcode.

Point being: whatever you’re looking for, whatever you’re into you can find it here. You can find your niche.

Starbucks is headquartered in Seattle

Businesses is booming here.

It’s no secret. Amazon came up to Seattle way back and with them came thousands of new residents. Other companies are booming besides Amazon and Boeing though. In Portland companies like Strategic Marketing and G2 Consultants are on the rise.

Soon Portland and Seattle will be another Chicago or New York. With this growth comes a better way of life for those that can attain it and yet more attractions for those visiting.


Thank you for checking out this post on the Northwest. I live here. If you ever visit look me up! There’s a lot to see!



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