Undervalued-Chiropractic Care

Hello my intrepid people.

This article is a more serious topic with real-world application.

In January of last year I went to the chiropractor for the first time after suffering chronic pain and soreness in my left foot, knee and hip.

Upon going into the offices of Elevation Chiropractic in Boise, ID I was immediately X-rayed, examined and adjusted. Dr. Brandon Couchman was compassionate, patient and explained straightaway what was wrong. He told me that my spine was grossly out of alignment and the bottom part of my spine connected to my pelvis was angled to the right which was what caused the left leg to be longer.

Within minutes he quickly took care of me; adjusting my neck, and all along my spine. With each crack and push my muscles felt more and more free (as though they were constricted before). My posture straightened, my legs were the same length again and I was free of the pain and pressure weighing on my left. I felt my circulation working so well (perhaps better than it ever felt before) that I began to laugh with joy and smile. My body felt regenerated and good as new.

After continuing to visit Elevation Chiropractic my condition improved; my posture, circulation and mobility began to heal and stay healed over time. Dr. Couchman also began to adjust my ankles and legs. We found that more than my back needed adjusting.

When I could no longer make it to Boise for adjustments I began to visit Harrison Family Chiropractic who also helped.

I’m now seeing chiropractors in the Portland area. Good Health Naturally, in particular, has taken over my chiropractic need at the moment.  The results have been beneficial and sustained my health. In addition Dr. Blessley has recommended Fish Oil and Magnesium supplements to improve my health further. I have noticed more energy throughout my day and better physical stamina.

Chiropractic care has improved my health and daily functions, and I recommend chiropractic care for anyone who is looking to improve their health.



Harrison Family Chiropractic

Elevation Chiropractic

Good Health Naturally



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