Top Ten Godzilla Enemies

Greetings intrepid ones!

I’m back with the Godzilla lists again!

In this article I list my top ten Godzilla enemies in descending order.


rodanThe fact that this list starts with Rodan tells you I remember the iconic names that made the Godzilla franchise popular.

Rodan started off as a rival to Godzilla in Ghidrah the Three Headed Monster and their battle was a classic! Rodan and Godzilla threw boulders at each other and terrorized whole villages in the fray. But Rodan and Godzilla nonetheless became allies by the film’s end.

Rodan also appeared in the Heisei and Millennium eras. In the former he was smaller but had his own distinctive purple heat beam while in the latter he was beam-less but more massive and destructive!

Rodan is tough, can fly and can withstand Godzilla’s heat beam. He’s a worthy adversary and his best incarnation is the classic Showa!


kumongaThis mysterious monster was the scariest thing on Solgell Island. Kumonga is presented in Son of Godzilla as a sleeping nightmare never to be awakened.

When he does awake he goes on a path of destruction killing another kaiju and threatening Godzilla’s offspring! His theme scared me as an eight-year-old too!

By the time Godzilla does show up he is in for a fight. Godzilla wins the fight although Kumonga overwhelms at times and Godzilla gets Junior’s help in the end.

For the way he frightened me as a child and his sheer size he makes #nine on this list.

Monster X

monster xNow I know what you may be thinking: ‘wait! Isn’t this just a larval form of a Ghidorah?’

Answer: ‘yes.’ Nonetheless this eerie alien gave Godzilla the fight of his life. Godzilla, in his most powerful incarnation to date, was equally matched by this grotesque creature. Monster X answered Godzilla with a heat beam of his own and matched Godzilla’s punches and tail whips with grappling strength! Their fight only ended because Monster X transformed into Ghidorah. That Ghidorah is the most massive to date: Keizer Ghidorah! Monster X Transforms

For his creepy presentation (small heads on his shoulders and a throaty growl) and his ability to match Godzilla’s power I name Monster X number eight on this list.


hedorahAh, yes! The garbage monster!

Hedorah is a monster that captures the imagination. He is truly unique among the Showa Kaiju. He devours deadly carbon emissions and poisons everything (including Godzilla) in his wake.

He’s massive, has few weaknesses, can split into different forms and creeped me out as a kid. (Those creepy red eyes!)

For his truly unique and dangerous aspect Hedorah makes a worthy number seven on this titanic list!


mothraMothra. Is there any other monster that can be characterized as the embodiment of Mother Nature in the kaiju realm?

Mothra is a worthy number six on this list for the fact that not only does he have his own franchise he is the only monster that made me root against Godzilla. This happened when I watched Godzilla vs Mothra (awesome film btw) as a kid. Godzilla weakens and kills a monster that was only trying to protect its young and humanity itself.

It’s hard to hate a kaiju for defending its young.



Biollante is perhaps the most brilliantly conceived kaiju in all of Godzilla film. He is a genetic hybrid: a cross between a plant and Godzilla.

What a novel concept! To take a monster from fiction and cross it with something in the real world (a rose) and create something new and unpredictable is genius!

Biollante had amazing battles with Godzilla. He’s also the largest Kaiju in all of Godzilla film and he’s immortal! The creation of Dr. Shiragami earns its spot on this list.


giganHe’s the monster with the coolest design! Hail Gigan!

When I first watched Godzilla vs Gigan as a nine-year-old I was in tears as I saw the giant serrated monster manhandle and bleed Godzilla. It takes a true monster (pun intended) to make a kid cry for his hero! Gigan Shrieks

His Millennium version was an even cooler design with chainsaws attached to his hands but nothing beats the classic Showa bully.


destroyerIs it the glowing eyes, huge horn or the ability to split into multiple forms that makes this monster truly demonic?

Maybe it’s the fact that he kills Godzilla Jr? Spoilers!

This monster is huge, scary and fought Godzilla in his most powerful form in the Heisei era. I truly hated Destroyer when I first watched this film and I cheered when he crashed to his death.

That my friends, is a truly monster movie villain.


mechaMechagodzilla is arguably the most powerful enemy Godzilla has ever faced. He’s defeated Godzilla multiple times, made Godzilla bleed, paralyzed Godzilla and was even possessed by Godzilla’s spirit!

This mechanical titan made a great villain in his film debut. His biggest weakness? He always needs to be controlled.

King Ghidorah

King GHe’s the most recognizable monster after Godzilla in the franchise. Ghidorah has had some of the best battles with Godzilla and often Godzilla needs help defeating him.

No monster can outdo this golden dragon in dominating Godzilla and friends. And that is why Ghidorah is Number One!


Don’t agree with my list? Feel free to comment below!

Party on intrepid ones!

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