Farscape Season Four-The First Few Episodes

My thoughts on the beginning of Farscape Season Four


So far I’m up to the beginning of season four. This is a slower and drier season than the last, which featured betrayal, death and space drugs. The opening episodes start on a dying Leviathan and a planet fraught with archaeological digs. Although I am mostly concerned with Crichton finding Aeryn the show is directing its attention to the relics of this mysterious new planet.

Jool finally leaves the cast by the end of the episode. She leaves her long-time crew with a parting kiss to D’Argo. It’s funny that by the very end of her tenure the two began to form a close bond. So of course the show split them up before we got to see where it went.

This show is not without unpredictability however. Scorpius returned without explanation. He made his return a drooling, debilitated, quivering mess. Braca, his once faithful underling is now the plaything of Mele-on-Grayza. This new Sebacean Commandant has Scorpius shot and dropped in a grave in front of Crichton.

I feel nothing. A scene such as this should shock me but it doesn’t. Scorpius was supposed to die in season three. For a character with so much momentum and promise the creators of the show just had to bring him back in such an uneventful matter. Why care about Scorpius? He cheated death in a burning ship why then should I doubt him getting out of this predicament?

The best way Scorpius would have ended was to have died in season three as a martyr to his cause. He would still appear as a ghost in Crichton’s mind where we can hear those two banter back and forth. This exchange is usually hilarious. That tool is effective for exposing Crichton’s inner struggles and adds a layer of comedy to an already zany sci-fi show.(Best of Harvey – Farscape)

At the moment the crew is searching for Aeryn and Moya who have disappeared at the end of season three. Who knows how they will find them! All they have is D’Argo’s ship (barely able to fit three people in it).

The ship itself is pretty cool, however. It is powerful, maneuverable and responds to D’Argo’s DNA. Not so good on roominess though.

How can Crichton, D’Argo, Sikozu, Rygel, Chianna and Noranti all fit in this small ship?

Where is the ship’s restroom??

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