Making my Own Beef Dumplings

Not every time do I get to make special dishes from my childhood. When I do get my hands on good recipes though I like to see them through.

On August 29th my friend Tyler and I got together with some friends and made Potstickers. (Below is a link to that recipe)

We soon discovered that potstickers were very sophisticated in their preparation.

First, we assembled the onion, ginger, diced beef and dough mixture. My friends immediately went to work cutting the onions and ginger and mixing it in the beef. The aroma was so pleasant that I was distracted several times from my dough-forming. After pouring in boiling water into a mixture of salt and flour I let it sit in the fridge before cutting it.

Once the dough cooled I formed it into rings and began flattening them. My friends seemed to think the process needed more flour. I reluctantly obliged them. As my friends handed me the meat mixture my eyes and ears took in the pleasant atmosphere of laughs and smiles. With a smile of my own I spooned the meat mixture into the flat dough and formed them into crescent shaped pockets. With the stove now set I placed the closed potstickers on the thin pool of oil.

Thirty minutes later I was plating the small tasty treats for my friends. I found that mixing soy sauce with two spoonfuls of brown sugar makes for a great dipping sauce.

To this day my friends continue to reminisce on that time: a fun time with a delicious childhood treat.

3 thoughts on “Making my Own Beef Dumplings

    1. intrepid8 says:

      Hi umberpenumbra! it took me about an hour to make with all my friends and I scrambling to make this. Granted, we were uncoordinated! I think it should take just under an hour all things considered!


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